Beach to Bar 101


This warm weather has everyone in Richmond feeling spoiled during the second week of March. New clothes arrive daily at Tweed to help you celebrate Spring and Summer rapidly approaching. We are thrilled to share our versatile clothing to cover you from the beach to the bar!

With Spring Break and Summer right around the corner we have come up with a great idea to keep your vacation packing list light! We know that after spending all day on the beach, the last thing you want to do is go home to change for a cocktail. This post will help you skip that step.

The first thing you will need is a stylish and fun tunic. Tweed has many options that are perfect for every beachy fashionista! We have picked a few of our favorites that are lightweight and perfect for warm weather fun:


Cover-up Tunic – Pineapple


Embroidered Tunic – Navy Stripe


Hot Pink Pineapple Dress


Anchor Tunic – Navy and Pink

Once you have the perfect tunic, make sure you have a few extra items in your beach bag to make this transition possible. A piece of statement jewelry is a simple way to dress up your look! You could also pack  a pair of shorts or loose linen pants, to keep you a little warmer on cool summer nights.

We love to spend as much time out and about during the summer and Tweed’s beach to bar apparel makes it possible to do just that! We know that taking a few minutes to plan ahead will help you to spend less time inside and more time on the go. What more could you want?!

P.S. Don’t forget you can get the perfect beach bag from Tweed too. We absolutely adore Scout’s Original Deano.

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