Rain Rain Go Away, Prepare for May!


“April Showers Bring May Flowers.” A rhyme that most people have probably heard at some point in their lifetime. The phrase has an obvious meaning – the month of April (usually rainy) will most likely bring flowers in May. But we have also found that it has a somewhat deeper meaning as well. When times get tough there are brighter days around the corner.

So don’t let April rain on your parade, use these ideas to prepare for the month ahead!

If the saying holds true, rain is on the way. We recommend using this gloomy month to prepare for a beautiful summer ahead. Check out your local home and gardening store; you are sure to find many plants and flowers that will tickle your fancy.

If you are a cook, nothing beats home grown herbs! These organic herb kits are absolutely perfect for the indoor or outdoor gardener, and can be used 365 days a year.


Finally don’t forget you will need a stylish but durable rain jacket. We recommend our favorite rain jacket that comes in many colors and can be monogrammed! Not only is it super cute, it is also waterproof and reflective. Which makes it great for chilly wet days when you are on the go!


So don’t let gloomy times bring you down, there is always something brighter right around the corner!

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