Every mom deserves to be celebrated and especially at Mother’s Day! Check out Kate’s Mother’s Day gift guide to help make EVERY Mom feel extraordinary!

The Athletic Mom: Always dressed to perfection in her yoga pants and cute workout gear. If your Mom is the Athletic type we have great gift ideas she’ll love since she is always staying active!

The Trendy Mom: Always on top of the latest styles, your trendy Mom will be sure to love some of these Tweed favorites!

The Mom who has it all: She has been everywhere, owns everything, and needs nothing. While this Mom may seem tough to buy for, we have some “treats” that not every Mom will buy for herself…not even the Mom who has it all!

The Mother of Animals: Her animals are her children too. Spoil your animal-loving Mom like she spoils her favorite furry family!

The Monogrammed Mom: She personalizes her phone, keychain, jackets, bags, and everything in between, and she will LOVE anything with her initials!

The Mom On the Go: This describes every Mom we know! She’s always on a schedule and on time! Whether she’s the working Mom, team Mom or room Mom…she’s definitely the Super Mom! Treat her well this Mother’s Day!

The mom with boys: As the Mom of two boys, life is crazy, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world! Here are a few of my favorite things that help me through my busy life!

  • Pocket Rocket: I use this bag every single day! It holds all my stuff and all the boys stuff, perfect for us and all our activities!
  • Baseball hats: The perfect accessory when watching my boys thrive on the athletic fields!
  • Anything girly! In my house of blue, I love a little pink and a monogram! The Mom of boys will appreciate anything with a little flare!
  • And of course a Tweed Gift Card will make any Mom (and especially the Mom with boys) get giddy!

The Mom Who Loves to Cook: I aspire to be this Mom! She is always thinking about the next meal and creating a new delicious dish for her family and friends!

The Mom who Loves to Entertain: She is the life of the party and she sure knows how to host one too! She is always looking to have a good time and make sure that everyone else does too!

Just remember to tell your mom you love her every day – A big hug and a sweet card will always make Mom smile… But make sure to come by Tweed to pick out a gift for her special day!! EVERY mom will appreciate thoughtful gifts!

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