The Graduation Gift Guide


With the final days of the semester winding down, the real world is just over the horizon for college seniors. But, first, it’s time to celebrate graduation!!! When you receive an invitation to the ceremony or a graduation party, remember that it is customary to give a gift.  It’s an anxious time in a young person’s life – moving closer to becoming an independent adult. But, there’s no reason for you to be anxious because Tweed has a few ideas to help you decide what and how much to give the soon-to-be graduate in your life.

Remember who the gift is for. If the gift is for family member, it should probably be a little larger. If it is for a friend, a friend’s child, or a neighbor the gift will most likely be a little less extravagant. But no matter how much you budget to spend, we have the perfect gift for everyone, so make it memorable!

For the ladies:

  1. Jewelry is always a great option! We have many different items that can be engraved with the recipient’s initials and graduation date!
  2. Picture frames to display valuable memories are also perfect. We suggest Mariposa Frames. Some come with a saying on it, but you can always engrave a blank frame with a thoughtful sentiment.
  3. Flowers are always a good gift for graduation. These can be given in person after the ceremony or at the graduation party – but then place them in a decorative pitcher to add a personal touch. The pitcher can be used later when the recipient has their own place! If you can’t make it to the festivities, sending flowers is a great way to show someone you are thinking about them on their special day. We can even ship the pitcher to them and have it there ready for the flowers!

For the men:

  1. Suit Bags are perfect for this time in a man’s life, since he will be looking for jobs and having interviews. Traveling in style is the way to go so why not make it a set with a matching duffle bag and dopp kit?!
  2. An engraved or monogrammed flask is classy. Pair it with a favorite liquor and the real world might not seem so scary!

Gift Ideas for Everyone:

  1. We offer many collegiate prints that are a great way to show off a graduate’s love for Alma Mater.
    • Christopher Mize prints are perfect for someone who appreciates wine and art.
    • These door prints are great for someone who wants to remember what made their university so special – they can even be personalized with initials or a graduation date!
  2. We also have many variations of correspondence cards that will be helpful for all the thank you notes that will be sent!

While we love giving gifts at Tweed, if you can’t decide on just the right thing, consider a gift card or even cash. It allows the graduate (who has most likely been pinching pennies the past four years) to choose what they need to prepare for the real world. At Tweed we think presentation matters – so jazz this gift up a little bit! Customize this popular gift by adding a personal touch. You can buy a collegiate Tervis Tumbler and fill it with money or a scout IDKase to hold a gift card.

Remember, this is a special time in a college graduate’s life, with so much change about to take place. So any gift that you give will show you care about their future. Come by the store to check out the ideas listed above … Our sales associates are also a great resource for gift ideas. Don’t forget we are also online, we offer free gift wrap and shipping and you are sure to find a gift for everyone!!



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