We Love This City!!! #RVA


Richmond seems to have it all, from deep historical roots, to its blossoming status as a must-see destination, and everything in between – there is something for everyone. Tweed loves our city and here are a few reasons why:

  1. The River

The James River is the heart of the city. On a warm, summer day you can see countless people there, going with the flow – fishing, swimming, tubing, just soaking up the sun. If you’re looking for a place to run, bike, hike, or swim, Belle Isle is for you, with its many trails and sidewalks for every outdoor activity. And don’t forget Pony Pasture, another great place to spend an afternoon surrounded by nature and locals enjoying the great outdoors. Stay cool out by the river with these Koozies and Sili Pint Cups!

2. Monument Avenue

The statues on Monument Avenue pay tribute to Confederate Civil War figures such as J.E.B Stuart, Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson and Jefferson Davis. Arthur Ashe, a VA native and great American Athlete also has a statue on this historical Richmond Street. The active people in RVA know this as the place for the world famous Monument Avenue 10k. It is a great place to soak up history, get in shape, and explore the city!

3. The Neighborhoods

Richmond’s neighborhoods offer architectural potpourri as rich and diverse as its people. The Fan, named because the streets “fan out,” is home to many great restaurants and many bars. Shockoe Bottom features art, shops, bars, and even more restaurants. We also love the areas outside the city, especially the West End and Short Pump where Tweed makes its home – newer but still have that Richmond feel. Display your favorite places around the city with these rustic signs!

4. The Festivals

Richmonders love festivals, and there is one for all types of food, holidays, music, and seasons. Some of the festivals in RVA include Lebanese, Greek, French, Bacon and Vegetarian Festivals – there is a food festival for almost any palate here! River Rock is also a great place to enjoy music during the warmer summer months while being by the James River. Finally, one of our favorites – the Watermelon Festival, in Carytown – offers food, vendors, shopping, and sightseeing in a very hip area of Richmond.

5. The History

There is so much history in RVA. Patrick Henry gave his famous “Give me Liberty or Give me Death” speech right in Church Hill at Saint John’s Church. You can even see reenactments of this “wild” general assembly meeting throughout the summer months! The Edgar Allen Poe Museum pays homage to the years that Poe, a great American Poet, lived in RVA. Other museums include the Valentine, the Black History Museum, and the Virginia Holocaust Museum to name a few. This city is great for history buffs!

6. The Food

You can taste the world in RVA. Richmond has every type of food you could ever want. There sometimes seems like there are too many choices! We absolutely love all the different restaurants that are unique in their own way. If you want a taste of RVA at home we have the perfect cookbook for you!

So if you are a fan of RVA like us, come to tweed to show it off. We have so many items that can help you represent your love of this amazing city and celebrate this truth – we get to live in a place so many can’t wait to visit!!! So decorate your living room, put your drink in it, and take it with you wherever you go – We love RVA!!!


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