Behind the (Shopping) Scenes at Tweed!


July 12th 2016… A day many people at Tweed have been anticipating, for many reasons. Carol and Kate (President and VP of Tweed) were excited to venture down to Atlanta to spend a few days at AmericasMart Atlanta. The rest of the Tweed employees were excited as well, because as they say… “When the boss is away, work becomes a holiday!!!” (Just kidding Carol and Kate)

In reality, while Kate and Carol are away, the rest of the Tweed employees take ownership of the store and make sure to keep everything running smoothly. While we miss our bosses we do love when Carol and Kate go to “The Show” because of the excitement surrounding new products coming to Tweed! Everyone works really hard while they are away to ensure they have the opportunity to keep attending year after year.

Carol, a veteran at the show, has attended more than 30, and looks forward to finding the “it” products every six months. This year, the mom and daughter duo brought along Paul (Carol’s husband and Kate’s Father) so he could see what it was all about. AmericasMart Atlanta has a wide variety of vendors, which includes over 1,400 unique showrooms for business owners to visit. If that wasn’t enough, there are over 4,000 temporary vendors at this one location. However, don’t be fooled … According to the show’s Facebook page, this ‘one location’ is 7.7 million square feet and attracts more than 548,000 attendees every year. It is the “nation’s leading gift, home furnishings and area rug marketplace and the largest trade mart/tradeshow complex of its kind in the world.”

Carol and Kate truly have a gift for picking out products at the show for Tweed. Our dynamic duo really knows how to shop! The rest of the employees can’t even begin to imagine how they narrow down the items they purchase on this trip!

Make sure to follow their adventures on Instagram – tweedrva – and on our Facebook page! You will be able to see sneak peeks of products that will be in our store in 2017. We promise you will not be disappointed.

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