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Do you ever walk up to your front door after a long day and just think, “Wow So Drab…” but find yourself shrugging it off and walking inside to finally relax? We know that after a hard day of work all you want to do is kick back, but with Spring officially starting on March 20th now is the perfect time to turn that Drab into Fab! We have a great idea that can help you brighten up your home today!

A good place to start when refreshing your house for Spring is outside! You can do this in multiple ways but one way that is quick, simple, and cheap is to repaint your front door!

After some research and personal trial and error we have come to the conclusion that the best paint to use is exterior acrylic paint. We have found that our local home improvement stores have a great selection of Spring colors – and we are sure yours do too!

Some stores even have a specific “Never-Fades Front Door Paint” made by Modern Masters. It’s around 30 dollars and comes in many different colors!

Here are a few steps we have come up with to complete your front door project:

  1. First off make sure that you pick a beautiful day to take on this project; rain will make it a little less fun! Make sure that you are also painting during a time that the sun is not shining on the door, because this can cause bubbles in the paint.
  2. Start by making sure that the door is clean and sanded down, paint doesn’t like dirt or rust – and we are sure you don’t either!
  3. Next remove the doorknob and any other hooks and screws. Also make sure to cover the peep hole and any doorknockers that are on the door. Then put down a drop cloth to protect your interior and exterior floors.
  4. Now you are ready to start your Spring Project! We absolutely love bright blues, yellows, pinks and greens for Spring; but ultimately its whatever tickles your fancy.
  5. Finally its time to grab your roller and get to painting! Time and coats of paint will vary depending on your door, but this project will normally just take a day! Make sure to let the door dry before putting your hardware back on.

Once your project is complete, Tweed has all the finishing touches to help you welcome Spring! We have initial door hangers in many different colors, shapes, fonts and sizes. Not only do we have the initial door hangers, we also have door screens that are perfect for all seasons and holidays! Check out some of them here.

So instead of just putting a Spring wreath on your door this year, take a day to change up your front porch by following this fun and fabulous “how to” created by Tweed! And don’t forget we are the best place to find your indoor and outdoor Spring 2016 decorations!

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