Spring Sports Survival Guide

We live in a time where almost everyone plays a sport (or a few) … but nothing signals a farewell to winter more than young boys and girls returning to their favorite fields chasing their dreams of making it as a pro.

Who doesn’t love the sound of a bat meeting ball or the sight of the ball flying into the goal? Whose heart doesn’t melt at the sight of tiny players running around in oversized uniforms? Who can resist the smell of food coming from the concession stand?

If your child will be hitting the field this season, we have a few ideas to help moms, players and siblings survive at the recreation fields!

Baseball or Softball Moms: you will need a bag for your gear! Make sure it’s large because you will need plenty of room.

  • If you have siblings tagging along to watch the game, the bag can hold toys to keep them occupied or a change of clothes if they have a little too much fun on the sidelines.
  • You will also need sunscreen, a hat to shade you from the scorching sun, a towel to wipe off wet bleachers on rainy game days, and extra clothes in case the weather suddenly changes on you.
  • Leave a little extra room in case your decides he or she doesn’t feel like carrying his glove or hat after the game!

All moms: you will need a cooler for refreshments or team snacks…

  • If it’s your lucky week to bring snacks for the players, don’t forget (this can be crushing for players who only look forward to the postgame treats)!
  • If it’s just another regular day you will definitely need water and snacks. This helps you to spend less time and money at the concession stand.

Everyone needs to dress for the game!

  • Mom: A baseball cap; if these aren’t your style, try one of our Sun visors.
  • Siblings: Will need cute and bright t-shirts so you can keep your eye on them from across the field.

Players: We have an assortment of bags for all types of sports you could possibly be playing this spring!

  • This lacrosse bag will keep your stick, balls and other accessories all in one place.
  • The original deano is great for all athletes! You can keep soccer balls, shin guards, uniforms and any other gear together for your big game!


But most importantly, remember to have fun!

Tweed is here to help you hit a home run, score goals or just relax watching your little one have a great time!

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