Gifts to Exchange!

‘Tis the season…to exchange! Are you hosting or attending a holiday party this year? Every great holiday party needs a great gift-exchange, and here are some of our favorites to make every holiday gift-exchange party a big success! ________________________________________________ White Elephant Our favorite gift giving game is the white elephant exchange. This can work amazingly… Read more »

Tweed Goes to Nashville

We LOVE Nashville! Tweed’s Website and Social Media Coordinator, Haley, is heading to Nashville for a weekend getaway.  Whitley Taylor, one of our favorite Tweed customers, and a student at The College of Charleston, recently blogged about the famous Nashville Murals! Whitley is originally from Richmond, and moved to Nashville with her family a couple of years… Read more »

An Oldie But a Goodie!

Take a look at one of our favorite blog posts from 2016: Do you ever walk up to your front door after a long day and just think, “Wow So Drab…” but find yourself shrugging it off and walking inside to finally relax? We know that after a hard day of work all you want… Read more »

Tailgating with Tweed

With Fall finally upon us, many people are gearing up for football and tailgating! Do you need a little extra help getting ready for game day? Tweed has some essentials that will make you and your tailgate spot stand out this season! Dress for the event!! Dressing up for games might not be for everyone but… Read more »

Appreciation is a “Grate” Thing

ap·pre·ci·a·tion Noun The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Gratitude for something.  Appreciation. It’s something we all like to receive, but something we don’t always take time to show in consistent, meaningful ways to those we love. You can be appreciative in many ways, one of which is practicing gratitude. According to a blog… Read more »

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