Appreciation is a “Grate” Thing

ap·pre·ci·a·tion Noun The recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Gratitude for something.  Appreciation. It’s something we all like to receive, but something we don’t always take time to show in consistent, meaningful ways to those we love. You can be appreciative in many ways, one of which is practicing gratitude. According to a blog… Read more »

Behind the (Shopping) Scenes at Tweed!

July 12th 2016… A day many people at Tweed have been anticipating, for many reasons. Carol and Kate (President and VP of Tweed) were excited to venture down to Atlanta to spend a few days at AmericasMart Atlanta. The rest of the Tweed employees were excited as well, because as they say… “When the boss… Read more »

We Love This City!!! #RVA

Richmond seems to have it all, from deep historical roots, to its blossoming status as a must-see destination, and everything in between – there is something for everyone. Tweed loves our city and here are a few reasons why: The River The James River is the heart of the city. On a warm, summer day… Read more »

Every mom deserves to be celebrated and especially at Mother’s Day! Check out Kate’s Mother’s Day gift guide to help make EVERY Mom feel extraordinary! The Athletic Mom: Always dressed to perfection in her yoga pants and cute workout gear. If your Mom is the Athletic type we have great gift ideas she’ll love since… Read more »

The Graduation Gift Guide

With the final days of the semester winding down, the real world is just over the horizon for college seniors. But, first, it’s time to celebrate graduation!!! When you receive an invitation to the ceremony or a graduation party, remember that it is customary to give a gift.  It’s an anxious time in a young… Read more »

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