About Us

More than a store, Tweed is a story. One dating back before many of its customers were even born. (But who's counting?) Richmond's favorite destination for today's most stylish brands and unique gifts, the Tweed you know and love has come a long way from its humble buckeye roots.

Tweed's origins begin in 1979, when founder Carol Viall, husband Paul, and daughters Liz and Kate lived in Ohio, and Carol led a successful venture to raise money for the communities of Akron. Five years and one state later, Carol's enterprising spirit found a new outlet-literally-in the purchase of a small New Jersey bookstore, which she grew into one of the state's largest independents, Sparta Books. Over the years and as the demand for non-book products grew, Carol saw an opportunity to create something new— and in 2003 opened Tweed, focusing on home accents and specialty gifts.

Kate moved to Virginia in 1995 to attend Randolph-Macon College, and in 2004, helped to open a second Tweed store in Richmond. In 2007, tweedathome.com took Tweed online, and in 2008, the family-owned business relocated its headquarters to Richmond. Kate became the president of the company in 2017. She and her husband Robb are busy raising two southern gentleman, John and Thomas - the future of the family business. And it didn't take long for Carol and Paul to fall in love with Richmond too. They have lived in Ashland since 2010, are still very active in the business, and are happy to claim Virginia as their home.

Today, as Richmond's go-to for unique gifts that celebrate life's every special occasion, Tweed's delightfully curated collection of stylish accents and lifestyle accessories blend tradition with whimsy, and promise to make every moment exceptional. Further expanding its lines of local and Virginia-born brands, Tweed StudioTM was introduced in 2019. Offering the ability to commission products with personalized hand-crafted illustrations by founder Paul Viall, Tweed Studio adds an authentic human touch that promises truly one- of-its-kind 'heirloom experiences.'

At Tweed, we believe there are no ordinary moments-that life is a special, magical, and artful gift to be cherished, celebrated, and shared. And in looking to the future, we're grateful to be able to continue to grow and share our family's joie de vivre every day and with everyone we love. With you. Thank you for becoming part of the Tweed story.

-Kate, Carol, Paul, and the Tweed family